Adding collaborators

At the Enterprise level of Magento Cloud, Blackfire includes 3 environments. In Blackfire, they're named:

  • Magento Cloud (<your instance reference>) - Integration and Development 
  • Magento Cloud (<your instance reference>) - Staging
  • Magento Cloud (<your instance reference>) - Production 

Environments, amongst other features, enable your team to use Blackfire collaboratively.

You are the owner of the Magento Cloud instance

Login to Blackfire, and make sure to add at least one person as member per Magento Cloud environment.

  • Go to the settings tab and add members by entering their email address in the Add member  field

Ideally, name at least one environment administrator, so that this person can also invite more team members.

You are not the owner of the Magento Cloud instance

You will need to request them to add you as "Member" of all of the environments which have been provisioned.

The environment owner can also name you environment administrator in order to give you extra access rights.

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