What is this add-on?

The Magento add-on enables Magento-specific metrics and recommendations for your account and your environment members. Metrics detect specific functions and components usage and configuration in your code for Magento 1 & 2, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. 

⚠️  It is not a Magento plugin or extension. Blackfire will work on your Magento shop's code, even without our add-on.

Recommendations are crafted by our performance experts and partner agencies to help you optimize your app based on best practices. They come with a full documentation that explains why such a best practice, how you can fix the issue, and includes a .yml snippet which you can simply copy/paste in your own .blackfire.yml  file in order to make it a non-regression test.

Example of a Magento Recommendation documentation:

Subscribing to the add-on

The add-on is available for any subscription to the Profiler, Premium and Enterprise Editions.

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