What is Blackfire?

Blackfire is a unique monitoring AND profiling solution.

Blackfire Monitoring monitors in real-time the performance of your applications in production, and helps to identify when and where an application is slow.

Blackfire Profiler is built for developers. It can be used proactively in development, test, and staging environments. And it can be used on production to identify live issues, with no impact at all for end-users. It helps to identify why an application is slow.

Blackfire is the only tool on the market that offers both a Monitoring and a deterministic Profiler. Better than that, both tools are tightly integrated, offering unprecedented and unrivaled actionable weekly reports. You no longer only get high-level metrics going up and down without context.

Blackfire directly tells you exactly what failed, and how to fix the issue.

Automatic issue detection

Blackfire's unique "recommendations" feature detects issues in the code, categorized across performance, security, and quality. For each detected issue, documentation guides developers on how to resolve it.

Proactive code validation

Being able to fix issues in production is key. But using Blackfire's testing features enables to prevent issues from even being deployed to production. Discover the many ways to testing code automatically with Blackfire.

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