What is Blackfire?

Blackfire is a profiling solution. It is a measurement tool that tells exactly how code behaves and how it is consuming resources. 

It is built for developers. It can be used proactively in development, test and staging environments. And it can be use on production to identify live issues, with no impact at all for end-users.

Automatic issue detection

Blackfire's unique "recommendations" feature detects issues in the code, categorized across performance, security and quality. For each detected issue, a documentation guides developers on how to resolve it.

Proactive code validation

Being able to fix issues in production is key. But using Blackfire's testing features enable to prevent issues from even being deployed to production. Discover the many ways to testing code automatically with Blackfire.

Read more about Blackfire.

What is an APM/what is New Relic?

APM here means Application Performance Monitoring. It refers to tools which gather (statistical) performance metrics on production sites.

New Relic essentially monitors real-user interactions with a website. As it monitors real-user requests, the instrumentation must have the smallest overhead possible and the profiling data it provides is less comprehensive than what full-featured profilers like Blackfire can provide.

Read more about the underlying technical differences between APMs and Profilers.

New Relic, as well as other solutions on the market, also offer a wide variety of additional products, which each have a different purpose. In the PHP market, Blackfire is the only Profiler which:

  • can be used in prod, staging, test, and dev

  • detects issues automatically in the code

  • enable to validate code performance with tests fully tailored to your app

Blackfire/New Relic integration

As Blackfire and New Relic are very complementary tools, we built an integration to get the best of the two worlds.

Check out more about the Blackfire/New Relic integration in our documentation.

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