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Monthly and yearly billing

Blackfire offers monthly or yearly billing options for Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. Profiler subscriptions are only billed yearly.

Pricing dimensions

The pricing depends essentially on:

Editions benefits

Hack Edition

Any new account is granted a free subscription to the Hack Edition. It enables to install Blackfire, discover what is profiling and how it helps in improving code performance.

Profiler Edition

It gets you the full power of the Blackfire profiler. It is made only for a single person. If you need a team to use Blackfire, please pick the Premium or Enterprise Edition.

Premium Edition (free trial available)

It offers all of the Profiler Edition features, plus it enables you to subscribe as many users, and have as many environments as you need (starting package of 3 users and 1 environments).
It also enables to start writing performance tests and automate it with our easy-to-use periodic builds feature.

Enterprise Edition

Unleash the full power of Blackfire, wherever your code is deployed (dev, test/staging and prod). Integrate Blackfire with any of your tools and workflows, including continuous integration and continuous deployment.


We offer high value-add add-ons, including:

Each of them are optional and can be subscribed to on top of a Profiler, Premium or Enterprise subscription.

No limitation of # of machines

The number of machines on which you install Blackfire does not matter, it will not generate any extra cost.

When you create an account on Blackfire, you will be at the free Hack Edition level. You can anytime decide to start a free 15 days trial of the Premium Edition (no credit card required).

Free trial, without credit card

You can try the Premium subscription for free for 15 days, without entering any credit card! Start by creating an Organization, then click on "Start the Premium Trial", in your Organization's environments list.

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