At Blackfire, we take the security and confidentiality topic very seriously. We avoid collecting unnecessary data and provide safe authentication and hosting methods.

In a blink, here's what we do, and what we do not do.


  • We do not collect user session data

  • We do not collect data from any database

  • We do not collect any source code

  • We do only collect method/function/class names as caller/callee pairs, file names and resources consumption metrics


  • SSL Encryption transport layer

  • Amazon data center

  • Proven Symfony Access Control

  • Agent access secured by public/private key cryptographic mechanism

  • Your profiles are private - expect if you decide explicitly to share them and are deleted when you empty them or if you decide to delete your account.  

More information on our security layer

You can learn more about security and privacy by reading the following blog articles:

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