Blackfire Profiler is built to profile on demand specific parts of a running application, or to run profiles across scenarios triggered upon specific events, such as deploying a new version of an application.

Its use cases are very different from a monitoring tool.

Therefore, even though we do have a profile rate limit in place, the supported use cases should never let you reach such limits

The limits are:

  • 1000 profiles / day
  • 100 profiles / hour

Why am I getting this error?

If you have a personal plan, you can view them in My Profiles. Make sure you profiled less than indicated limits above.

If you have an entreprise plan, go to the profiles of your environment to verify that number of profiles is below indicated limits.

If you did not execute those profiles manually, it can be related to one of the following topics:

Profile all requests

The "Profile all requests" feature adds a header to every outgoing HTTP request from your browser, in order to profile it.

Every XHR request will be profiled. If you have a single page making 50 XHR requests, displaying two pages will make you hit the API Rate Limit

This header is also added to every query for assets (Javascript, CSS, WOFF, ...). If your assets are served by PHP, a single page show triggers as much profiles. Suppose you have 30 assets, after 4 pages, you hit the API Rate Limit.


Try serving your assets without PHP (static file, directly).

It will add a lot of performance to your site.

SDK profiling flood

If you are using the PHP-SDK of Blackfire, you might trigger that much builds from PHP.

Usually, users hitting this error have configured the SDK to profile every request from a site with user traffic. It is recommended to enable the SDK only in specific conditions (query parameter in URL, specific IP, HTTP header, ...).

How do I reset the rate limit?

The daily rate limit requires action from our support team. Please reach out to us via this site's chat or via email to

The hourly rate limit resets automatically after an hour.

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