Please make sure you first have tried to complete Step 1 of the configuration guide for Magento Cloud users.


  • you have completed that step
  • you cannot see any "environment" in your Blackfire Dashboard which name includes your Magento Project ID
  • you know for sure that your Blackfire account's email address is exactly the same than the one of your account owner in the Magento Cloud platform, as per the image below

Procedure for changing the ownership

Please complete the following steps:

  • Login to Blackfire and copy the email address under your users name, on the Blackfire dashboard
  • Get your Magento Cloud ID (5b5q7swyamyc6 in the example below)
  • Contact your Magento Cloud account manager, and ask them to send us an account ownership change request, including 1) your Magento Cloud Project ID 2) the email address of the existing Blackfire account you would like to become the owner.

We will swiftly make the change once we received duly completed requests.

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