For any support request for Blackfire on Magento Cloud, please gather logs as follows and send us a full copy.

  1. Create a temporary log file. magento-cloud variable:create --name php:blackfire.log_file --value /tmp/blackfire.log 

  2. Set the logging level. magento-cloud variable:create --name php:blackfire.log_level --value 4 

  3. Display startup errors and save the output. magento-cloud ssh "php -d display_startup_errors=on --ri blackfire" 

  4. Start a profile/build again and collect the logs. magento-cloud ssh "cat /tmp/blackfire.log" > blackfire.log 

  5. Send us the output.

Please then make sure to disable the Blackfire logs

You can disable logging by cleaning the temporary log file and removing the log level:

magento-cloud variable:delete php:blackfire.log_file 

magento-cloud variable:delete php:blackfire.log_level 

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