⚠️ This troubleshooting guide is designed solely for users of Platform.sh. If your code is not hosted on that platform, please refer to our standard troubleshooting guide.

1. Bypassing Reverse Proxy, Cache, and Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

If you are using one of those, you will need them to let Blackfire access your servers. More information on how to configure a bypass.

2. HTTP Cache configuration

If you are using the HTTP cache with cookies , please update in your .platform.app.yaml the cookies that are allowed to go through the cache. You need to allow the __blackfire cookie name.

Something like:

    enabled: true
    cookies: [“/SESS.*/“, “__blackfire”]

3. Sending us the Blackfire logs

If the above didn't help, please send us:

  • The output of platform ssh -- php -d display_startup_errors=on --ri blackfire  command

  • The Blackfire logs

Getting the Blackfire logs

Please execute the following in the environment where you're facing the issue:

  • platform variable:create --name php:blackfire.log_file --value /tmp/blackfire.log 

  • platform variable:create --name php:blackfire.log_level --value 4 

  • start a profile/build again

You will get the logs we need with platform ssh -- cat /tmp/blackfire.log > blackfire.log
Please send them via the chat here, or to support@blackfire.io.

Disabling the Blackfire logs

Once you are done, please disable logging with:

  • platform variable:delete php:blackfire.log_file 

  • platform variable:delete php:blackfire.log_level  

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