Our Hack Edition gives people a taste of performance profiling. For free. You can use our basic profiling features on any application that is running locally. 

If you'd like to profile live applications you will need to upgrade to one of our paid plans. You can also start our free Premium trial.

What does "non-local HTTP applications" mean?

When you create a profile on a free plan, Blackfire's servers will resolve the domain in the URL to an IP address. If the IP address is a public IP address, Blackfire's servers will attempt to open an HTTP(S) connection to the IP address. If there is an HTTP(S) response, Blackfire considers this to be a non-local HTTP application.

But I mess with my hosts file/local DNS/wildcard DNS so I can do local development on a live URL

We are sorry, but we do not support that workflow.

But it used to work...

Rolling into 2018, we made the decision to limit our Hack Edition to profiling on local development computers only.

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